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DeFacto (Deep Fact Validation)

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DeFacto is a framework for validating statements by finding confirming sources for it on the web. It takes a statement (such as “Jamaica Inn was directed by Alfred Hitchcock”) as input and then tries to find evidence for the truth of that statement by searching for information in the web (more information). Check out our demo.

How to cite

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If you want to try Defacto all you need to do is:


Found a 🐛 bug? Open an issue


Java 7, Maven, Solr 4.5, MySQL 5.5, Wordnet, Weka 3.3.6 (in case you want to check models out)

Related Projects

Please see more information about related projects: FactBench and BOA



- HTTP service support


- Multilingual Deep Fact Validation Feature


- No support for http service
- Vaadin component required (user interface)
- Uses FactBench v1.0